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The CODET LASIK System (CLS) is a set of standards that should be put into practice by Surgeons, Optometrists, LASIK Counselors, Technicians, Customer Service Representatives, and Patients in order to achieve optimal LASIK results. When offering LASIK to patients, we only utilizes the standards set forth by CLS. The CLS has four elements:


1. Patient Education

Every patient must be thoroughly educated.

  • Refractive Error – A basic understanding of refractive error is necessary in order for the patient to understand how LASIK will be able to help him or her. This includes a thorough explanation of Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, and Presbyopia.
  • Vision Correction Options – Patients need to understand what their current options are for Vision Correction.
  • Description of Procedure – The patient must understand how LASIK will actually correct their refractive error.
  • Realistic Expectations – The patient must understand the degree to which LASIK will fix their refractive error. This step is crucial. If the patient goes into the surgery believing the procedure will yield something that is unrealistic, there is a great chance that the patient won’t be satisfied with the procedure. At CODET, we take step (d) very seriously.

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2. Patient Selection

Every patient must be selected thoroughly for LASIK.

  • Prescription – We generate the patient’s prescription to make sure it is within the parameters of LASIK and also to make sure it hasn’t varied too much recently.
  • Corneal Topography – The patient’s corneal topography is analyzed to make sure that there aren’t irregularities.
  • Corneal Thickness – The patient’s corneal thickness helps the Doctor decide what type of procedure the patient will have.
  • General Ocular Health Check – The patient is undergoes an ocular health check to make sure that there aren’t any red flags that would prevent them from being great candidates.

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3. Technology

We only use the best technology available.

There are several ways to do LASIK, but at CODET, we believe that using the latest technology in laser and diagnostic equipment is necessary to deliver the best results possible. Specifically, we recommend Custom IntraLASIK or Custom PRK. Both of these procedures only use lasers; they are completely blade free. If your cornea is thick enough, we will recommend IntraLASIK to you. If your cornea is too thin for IntraLASIK, we will recommend PRK. Both of these procedures will correct the Myopia or Hyperopia and/or Astigmatism that you may have prior to the surgery. Furthermore, both of the procedures will be fully customized, allowing us to treat each and every individual eye according to its unique characteristics, which allows us to deliver a truly customized solution to our patients.

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4. Doctors

Ethical and Skillful Professionals. 

The last element of the CLS calls for the Refractive Surgeons and Optometrists to have extensive experience with LASIK, to be extremely skillful, but most importantly, to have the utmost degree of Ethical Integrity. At CODET, one of our core beliefs is that whatever is in the patient’s best interest is also in CODET's best interest. We only seek to yield the best possible LASIK results because we want to develop a great reputation in the Vision Correction Industry. When our Doctors choose to turn down a patient because he or she isn’t the best LASIK candidate, this only bolsters CODET's reputation as putting the Patient’s health and well being before anything else. We only use the latest state-of-the-art technology available to ensure the best possible results for the patient. In most cases, it will be Intralasik, which is currently the gold standard in LASIK.

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