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Laser Eye Surgery Equipment


Femto LDV Z8

Introducing Ziemer´s first Femtosecond Laser Z8 to México.

Ziemer´s Femtosecond Z8 is the latest and newest development in laser technology from Switzerland, engineered for the surgical treatment of LASIK, cataract, eyestrain (presbyopia) intraocular lenses and cornea conditions such as transplants, intrastromal rings and intra stromal lenses.

The Femtosecond Z8 Laser uses low-energy infrared laser pulses in a very high frequency (very little time between pulses) and of extremely short duration (a billionth part of a second). These pulses will mechanically separate tissues in a very efficient, safe and painless procedure, since there is no heat damage of any kind during the process.

Unlike any other, Femtosecond Z8´s novel technology performs a pattern of laser-pulse shots called High Density Shooting Technology that promotes ideal tissue separation during surgery, which improves post-operative results by reducing tissue stress.

Femtosecond Z8 Laser allows pulse-energy adjustment as per the patient´s situation and type of surgery. This promotes convenient surgery customization. Femtosecond Z8 Laser´s (or Optical Coherence Tomography OTC) real-time, high-definition digital display assists surgeon´s navigation through different structures during the surgical procedure, allowing to create safe areas in the patient's eye.

Since it is also a mobile equipment, it can be easily moved around the operating room. The team comes to the patient, and not the patient to the team. This reduces surgery times and assures a more palatable experience at the operating room for both patient and surgeon.​

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WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser

The most modern and advanced Excimer Laser for refractive surgery by ALCON Laboratories, worldwide leader in ophthalmology, the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser is now available in CODET Vision Institute. This equipment has the most advanced Excimer Laser technology for refractive surgeries. Its innovative engineering helps to reduce the post refractive surgery halos and glares (ALCON).

The engineers who designed this equipment found out that the speed of a 500 Hz shot is the optimal shot velocity to perform the treatment in the least amount of time possible with the greatest safety (ALCON). The WaveLight® EX500 has a powerful multidimensional dynamic tracker of eye movements which increases the laser’s precision, making sure that the correct treatment is given in the correct place for an excellent result.

Proper Pulse technology, unique in the WaveLight® EX500, is designed to keep a safe thermal charge in the eye tissues while the laser is shooting, which adds an extra layer of security for patients and decreases the possibility of having glares at night or during low light conditions.

The WaveLight® EX500 allows the personalization of laser treatments. It is the only equipment approved by the FDA that can offer these personalized treatments.



Nidek EC-5000

The Nidek EC-5000 laser is designed to reshape the cornea to reduce or eliminate nearsightedness, with or without astigmatism. It has been approved for the reduction and elimination of myopia in the low, moderate and high ranges.

The Nidek EC-5000, one of the first lasers to gain FDA approval for use in the United States, is one of the most popular lasers worldwide and is the laser of choice for hundreds of top surgeons in the United States and Canada.

Consider the benefits:

• The Nidek laser's patented technology offers a 7.5 millimeter transition zone, one of the largest available, meaning it has the range to safely and effectively treat patients with large pupils. If patients with big pupils are treated with a laser with a narrow transition zone, they are at an increased risk for glare and halos following surgery.

• This laser produces an extremely smooth surface on the cornea after the procedure. Smoother ablations, as they're known, promote faster healing and result in better vision.

• The Nidek EC-5000 has an eye tracker that stops the laser treatment if your pupil moves outside a specified zone.

• The Nidek EC-5000's illumination and aiming beams provide surgeons precise control of the laser beam delivery arm.

• The Nidek offers advanced computerized performance. During the procedure, the computer monitors the system parameters continuously.

For more information about Nidek EC-5000, visit:

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