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Patient Financing

At CODET Vision Institute, we're exited to partner with Citerra Finance, a leading financial institution in Medical Tourism finance. For more than a decade, Citerra Finance has been lending a helping hand to help ensure a positive and successful experience during medical financing needs. Citerra not only aims to help patients achieve their desired results and goals through medical procedures, but Citerra also aims to offer each patient emotional support. Citerra is sensitive and caring to all the needs of its clients, offering medical tourism options, and first class assistance throughout each step of the process, from financing to travel plans.

As you'll notice in the below example, Citerra Finance has a simple and straightforward online application process. Click on the link below to visit Citerra's website and apply today!

Click Here for Simple Online Application Process

Frecuently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay the doctor?

Citerra Finance will pay the doctor directly and you will pay the bank monthly.

  • How long is the pre-approval process?

It takes approximately 10-45 min.

  • What will be my interest rate?

This percentage depends on your credit score or the co-signer's credit score.

  • Can I partially finance?

Yes of course.

  • How soon can we can start?

As soon as you submit your application with Citerra.

  • How many points goes down when they´ve check my credit?

From 4 to 5 points.
* Important note: unlike other financial institutions, Citerra only runs its credit once.

  • What is the minimum credit score to be able to be aproved?

640-650 points.

  • Can combined credit be used?

Yes, if you have a person living in your home, you can use their income and credit.

  • What is the range of minimum payments?

The range varies according to your credit and the amount. See ranges below:

For US residents only. These are approximate estimates and could vary depending on several factors. They are subject to change at any given moment.



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