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Dr. Marina Ramírez


Marina Ramírez Alfaro was born in Mexicali, Baja California, where she conducted her studies and graduated in General Medicine at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in 1989, her Social Services and her time as a resident were the basis to discover what her focus in medicine would be, that same year after passing the national residency exam she moves to Mexico City where she conducted her medical specialty in Ophthalmology at IMSS LA RAZA’S MEDICAL CENTER whose academic program is endorsed by the Universidad Autónoma de México. In 1992 with a growing desire to improve herself she decides on a sub-specialty in Glaucoma in the INSTITUTO CONDE DE VALENCIANA.

 After returning to her native Baja California in 1994, she decides to establish herself in Tijuana because of the greater professional opportunities this city offers.

 She worked as an Ophthalmologist at IMSS' Clinic 20 from 1994-2001. Afterwards she joins CODET VISION INSTITUTE’s staff as Chief of Glaucoma Services while at the same time actively collaborating with the CODET Foundation which offers ophthalmologic services to people with low income.

 After joining the CODET group her professional expectations grew quite a bit because besides having her private practice , worldwide investigative work is done, and avant-garde glaucoma surgeries are performed. Also, Dr. Ramirez has a training program on Glaucoma for general ophthalmologists who wish to sub-specialize in the area with doctors in Guadalajara and Monterrey to mention a few. She frequently has foreign doctors observing the new Glaucoma procedures.

 Special Mentions.

Honorable Mention as a Pre-graduate Rotating Intern in the IMSS Mexicali in 1988.

Honorable Mention for the best Final Exam in the Specialty in Ophthalmology at the Centro Médico la Raza 1992.

Best Paper Award in “ASCRS” in Washington DC, 2005.

Best of Anterior Segment in the North America Academy of Ophthalmology in Chicago, in 2005.

Northwest Coordinator for the National Glaucoma Campaign.

Investigator for American companies that come to CODET in search of serious and prestigious Institutes to perform avant-gard surgeries.



  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Mexican Society of Ophthalmology.
  • Mexican Association of Glaucoma.
  • Baja California’s Ophthalmologic College.
  • Occident Association of Glaucoma.
Established in 1986 · 1st IntraLASIK worldwide in 1995 · 1st Light Adjustable Lens worldwide in 2002
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