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The effect of corneal flap on optical aberrations

David Zadok, Carlos Carrillo, Nora Robledo, Arturo S Chayet, Filippo Missiroli, Sergio Litwak.


To evaluate the changes in ocular aberrations induced by corneal flap creation.


Prospective interventional nonrandomized clinical trial.


This study included 15 patients who were scheduled for laser in situ keratomileusis. A nasal hinge flap was created, using the Nidek MK-2000 microkeratome and then replaced without performing laser ablation. The ocular aberrations were measured before and after flap creation using the Nidek Optical Path Difference Scanning System ARK-10000.


The root mean square wavefront errors of the higher-order optical aberrations (third-, fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-order aberrations) were not significantly altered at 1 week postsurgery compared with the preoperative values (P >.35).


Creating a corneal flap with the Nidek MK-2000 microkeratome did not induce changes in higher-order optical aberrations as measured with the Nidek Optical Path Difference Scanning System ARK-10000 during the early postoperative period.