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Payment Terms and Refund Policy

Payment Terms and Refund Policy

Terms and Conditions of CODET Vision Institute’s websites 

For the sole fact of using our websites,, ​and (together identified as the “Websites”), you accept to have read, understood and accepted this Terms and Conditions.  

FIRST. Responsible for the Website.

The owner and responsible for the management and operation of the Website is CENTRO OFTALMOLOGICO DE TIJUANA S DE RL DE CV, CHAYET VISION SC, CODET LASER SC and GROOP Oftalmos SC (“CODET Vision Institute, CODET”) with address in ​Avenida Padre Kino 10159, Zona Río, Zip Code. 22010, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

SECOND. Purpose.

This Terms and Conditions will regulate the user’s (indistinctly referred to as “Patient” and/or “User”) interaction with the Website, as well as the commercial relationship established between the Patient and CODET from the use of the Website by the User.  

THIRD. Forms of Payment.

During the purchase process of any medical procedure, the Patient shall make full payment on-line through the use of a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or debit card (Visa or Mastercard issued by national or international banks) in which case, Patient must provide the number of the card, the name of the cardholder, date of expiration and security code. Likewise, the payment may be made through payment services such as PayPal. 

In case CODET considers there may be any risk of fraud or any conduct of the Patient that could be considered as criminal at the moment of making a payment, for safety reasons, CODET may request the necessary documentation to prove ownership of the account from which payment is being made and/or eliminate any reasonable doubt regarding the legality of the payment and the origin of the funds, in which case, the Patient shall have a term of maximum 7 (seven) calendar days to send the requested information. If such information is not received and/or it is received but an inconsistency is found in the documents, the purchase shall be cancelled and CODET shall reimburse the total amount payed to the account of origin. 

The User accepts and acknowledges that CODET Vision Institute is an independent and separate entity from the operation, functionality and continuity of service provided by independent Banking Institutions, the Interbank Electronic Payment System (SPEI), and payment intermediaries such as Stripe and PayPal.

As a result, the User accepts that CODET Vision Institute shall not be held responsible for unrecognized charges and/or other unexpected occurrences, arising out of failures, inconsistencies and/or interruptions in the operation of said Banking Institutions’, SPEI, or other intermediaries’ Electronic Portals and/or Electronic Systems.

Moreover, CODET Vision Institute shall not be held responsible for charges and fees applied by said Banking Institutions including, but not limited to, International Transaction Fees and the like.

Additionally, the User accepts and acknowledges that, in case of using the payment system PayPal and/or online store Shopify, he/she accepts to be subject to the terms and conditions established on such payment websites. The User further acknowledges that CODET shall in no way be responsible for unrecognized charges and/or any other inconvenient caused to the User due to failures, inconsistencies and/or interruptions in the operation of PayPal and/or Shopify, all of which can cause the purchase to not be completed.

In such case, it is recommended to the User to try to process the purchase another time, once the service of the banking Institution, the SPEI and/or the PayPal and/or Shopify websites are reestablished.

FOURTH. Refunds and cancellation of payments. 

The Patient is responsible for the payments made on the Website through any means (cash, wire transfer, PayPal, credit card, debit card), therefore, when making such payment it is understood that he/she agrees and grants his/her consent to be charged with the corresponding amount. Due to the aforementioned, refunds and chargebacks do not apply and are not allowed, except in the following cases: 

  1. The Patient is not a previous CODET patient, and after having and evaluation or medical consultation in CODET, it is determined that he/she is not a candidate for the prepaid surgery. 
  2. The Patient is a previous CODET patient, but the evaluation is older than 6 months, and after an updated evaluation, it is determined that he/she is not a candidate for the prepaid surgery. 

If neither one of the exceptions above applies and the Patient is still requesting a refund, the Patient may transfer his/her balance in favor of any family member needing a procedure, surgery or consultation in CODET within the term determined when making the purchase. 

Your paid deposit will be applied toward the payment of the medical fees for the above described procedure, as soon as the corresponding services and informed consent agreement is executed by you, the patient.

FIFTH. Use of the Website.

CODET informs that payment of medical procedures made through the Website is reserved for people older than 18 (eighteen) years of age, in full use of his/her legal rights. The use of the Website by people younger than 18 (eighteen) years of age or legally deemed incompetent, shall be full responsibility of the parents or appointed legal guardians.  

CODET reserves the right to cancel any payment made, and in its case, to refund the payed amount, if it considers that such payment was made by a minor or by a person declared legally incompetent without the authorization of their parents and/or appointed legal guardians. 

SIXTH. Billing.

In case of needing an invoice for tax purposes, the Patient must request it after the procedure or surgery has taken place and before the end of that calendar month, by sending an e-mail requesting such invoice including the fiscal information of the Patient to the e-mail address By no reason will CODET by able to issue invoices for tax purposes outside of the month of the procedure or surgery.

The corresponding electronic invoice (PDF and XML files) shall be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Patient no later than 5 (five) business days following the request by the Patient. 

SEVENTH. Complaints.

In case of any complaints or comments regarding our service, the information on our Website or the purchase process, you may send un an e-mail to the following e-mail address or communicate with us to the telephone number +1-619-662-4999, in order to give you a response. 

Any comment or review shared on our Website by the Patient is such person’s responsibility, however, CODET reserves the right to eliminate or edit it to its discretion, therefore, the User hereby authorizes CODET to use such content without any restriction. 

EIGHTH. Security measures.

CODET informs the Patient that it shall take all appropriate measures to preserve confidentiality of the information provided by the Patient on the Website, including all the technological measures (firewalls), as well as not to share such information with third parties. 

NINTH. Intellectual Property.

CODET informs the Patient that all brands, content, industrial designs, images and texts published on the Website is duly protected by CODET’s Industrial and Intellectual Property rights. 

The use of the Website by the Patient or User is in no way giving him/her authorization to reproduce or use, through any means, such brands, content, industrial designs, images and texts.

TENTH. Management of Personal Information.

CODET informs the Patient that all personal information provided shall be treated according to the established on our Privacy Notice, which you may consult in the following link:

ELEVENTH. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

CODET and the Patient accept and recognize that the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor) is the authority appointed to solve any controversies derived from the commercial operations done on the Website. Likewise, CODET and the Patient hereby agree that any dispute arising out of or related to any commercial operation done on the Website and/or related to this Terms and Conditions must be litigated only and exclusively in the Courts of the City of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. 

Last Update: May 18th, 2020.