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Incidence of complications during flap creation in LASIK using the NIDEK MK-2000 microkeratome in 26,600 cases

Carlos Carrillo, Arturo S Chayet, Paul J Dougherty, Miguel Montes, Roberto Magallanes, Jacobo Najman, Jacobo Fleitman, Alfredo Morales.


To evaluate the incidence of intraoperative complications using the NIDEK MK-2000 microkeratome during flap creation in LASIK.


The incidence of intraoperative flap complications during LASIK using the NIDEK MK-2000 microkeratome was retrospectively studied in 26,600 procedures performed in 5 outpatient excimer laser surgery centers.


A total of 65 (0.244%) complications were identified: 23 (0.086%) eyes had free caps, 13 (0.049%) eyes had an incomplete pass, 13 (0.049%) eyes had an epithelial defect, 11 (0.041%) eyes had buttonhole, and 5 (0.019%) eyes had irregular flap. The remaining 26,535 (99.756%) eyes had uneventful flap creation.


Use of the NIDEK MK-2000 microkeratome resulted in a low incidence of intraoperative complications, making it a safe and reliable device for creating flaps during LASIK.