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The Light Adjustable Lens

The most advanced Intraocular Lens for Cataract and Near Vision Correction


At CODET, we are committed to giving you access to the best possible technology available worldwide. The Light Adjustable Lens, now available at CODET Vision Institute, is the only IOL that enables you and the surgeon to customise your vision specifically for your eyes, your visual needs, and your unique lifestyle after cataract surgery.

A Nobel Prize inspired IOL

The LAL was born out of the idea that an adjustable IOL was needed to solve the pervasive problem seen after many cataract removal and subsequent IOL implantations, in which uncorrected residual refractive errors persist.  Dr. Robert Grubbs of California Institute of Technology and his theory of olefin metathesis, for which he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005, allowed this idea to become a reality.  Because the LAL is made from a unique material, its optical power can be adjusted with the application of light through the redistribution of molecules according to the properties of Dr. Grubbs' theory.

Dr. Chayet was instrumental in the development of the LAL.  Having conducted over 600 clinical trials before ever having executed a private case, Dr. Chayet is by far the most experienced Cataract & Refractive Surgeon in the LAL worldwide.

About the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL®)

The Light Adjustable Lens can correct near, intermediate and distance vision, as well as astigmatism. It also provides near vision correction with the Extended Depth of Focus Technology (EDF). While there are many excellent IOLs available, one of the primary benefits of the Light Adjustable Lens is that it allows you to trial and adjust your vision according to your preferences, regardless of what was decided before surgery

While newer IOL designs such as ‘multifocal’ or ‘accommodating’ lenses have begun to address the need to deliver good vision at various distances, they still cannot predictably yield optimal outcomes. In some cases, patients have to undergo additional surgical procedures such as LASIK after their cataract surgery to achieve better results.   

The Light Adjustable Lens is made of a special photo-sensitive material that changes the power of your implanted lens in response to UV light, increasing the likelihood that you will achieve your desired vision after cataract surgery.

If you select the Light Adjustable Lens, the first step is to have your cataract safely removed and the adjustable IOL implanted.

What is unique about the Light Adjustable Lens is that, after your eye heals, you return to your eye doctor to have your vision tested during a routine eye exam. Based on this exam, you and your eye doctor will select a custom prescription for your adjustable lens based on your own eyes and unique lifestyle requirements.​

The Light Adjustable Lens Procedure


The LAL® procedure begins when the lens is implanted in the patient’s eye during surgery using conventional cataract surgery techniques.  Typically in about two weeks, when the eye has healed, the surgeon will evaluate the patient’s vision.  If the surgeon decides to adjust the power of the lens to give the patient sharper, more precise reading or distance vision, he will seat the patient comfortably at Rx Sight’s digital light delivery device, a machine specially designed to deliver the exact dose and profile of light onto the LAL®.

The doctor then applies a safe, non-invasive and painless stream of light through the eye and onto the LAL®.  The light causes the lens to change shape and optical performance to the precise visual outcome needed by the patient. This is accomplished in under two minutes of exposure to the beam of light.

To receive the light treatment, you will be placed in front of RxSight’s Light Delivery Device, which will non-invasively deliver the UV light to your Light Adjustable Lens.

Between 2 and 4 total light treatments, each lasting approximately 90 seconds and separated by approximately 3 days, are required. The total number of light treatments is based on achievement of you and your doctor’s desired outcome. For the first time ever, you can have confidence that your result will be just how you want to see the world.

Established in 1986 · 1st IntraLASIK worldwide in 1995 · 1st Light Adjustable Lens worldwide in 2002
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