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Eyelid Diseases


Eyelid Diseases

Eyelid diseases affect people of all ages. From Epiblepharon in newborns to Aponeurotic Ptosis in the elderly, it covers a broad group of conditions. An Oculoplastic surgeon is the best health professional to treat them.

An Overview: Eyelid Diseases

At a Glance:

Eyelids can have two distinct kinds of conditions:

  • Cosmetic – excess skin and bags
  • Functional – droopy eyelids, inverted or everted margin

Whatever the condition, most cases are treated surgically.

Eyelid Diseases Treatments and Surgeries

  • Excess or sagging skin (Dermatochalasis) or eyelid “bags” (Fat Pad Herniation): upper/lower Blepharoplasty
  • Brow ptosis: endoscopic or direct browlift
  • Palpebral ptosis: anterior or posterior (scarless) ptosis correction
  • Epiblepharon (excess skin and muscle causing eyelash malposition): Celsus procedure
  • Entropion (inverted lid margin): entropion correction
  • Ectropion (everted lid margin): ectropion correction

Why CODET for Eyelid Diseases?

Oculoplastica Dr. Martin Guzman

About the Expert: Oculoplastic Surgeons

Because these diseases and conditions affect the eye, they should be treated by an Ophthalmologist. An Oculoplastic Surgeon is an Ophthalmologist with a specialization in eyelid, orbital, and lacrimal duct diseases, surgery, and procedures. Dr. Martin Guzman is our expert, certified Oculoplastic surgeon. 

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About our Technology and Facilities

CODET Vision has beautiful and comfortable offices and surgery rooms equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and surgical equipment. Our welcoming staff put patients at ease, answering your questions and gladly assisting you with all of your needs.

What are Eyelid Diseases?

A quick and easy look on eyelid disease.

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