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Dry Eye Clinic


Dry Eye Clinic

Our goal is to provide effective care and treatments for patients with Dry Eye, keeping their eyes healthy and comfortable while maximizing their own tear function and production.

An Overview: CODET Dry Eye Clinic

CODET is among the most prestigious eye centers in the world. We believe that every individual is different, with eyes as unique as they are essential. Our surgeons are leaders in their specialty fields and are supported by staff who are specially trained to deliver optimal care for our patients. 

The Dry Eye Clinic is located in our state-of-the-art facility, where we use the latest diagnostic and surgical technology and equipment to care for our patients. Specific to Dry Eye treatment, CODET is one of the first to have employed the MiBo Thermoflo as a safe, comfortable, affordable, effective, and long-lasting treatment for patients with Dry Eye.

Many people suffer through Dry Eye without knowing just how much their quality of life could be improved with treatment. CODET’s Dry Eye treatments are determined based on the underlying cause of the dry eyes. They are safe and effective and, in some cases, may amount to nothing more than a gentle, warm eyelid massage. 

A consultation with one of our Ophthalmologists is the best way to diagnose Dry Eye Syndrome. The doctors at CODET Vision Institute’s Dry Eye Clinic are dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care. If you are suffering from dry eyes, we’ll determine the cause of your Dry Eye symptoms to create a personalized treatment plan.

Since Dry Eye is often caused by a problem with tear production or quality, our diagnostic process involves evaluating your tears in terms of quality and quantity along with their effect on your vision. If you are diagnosed with Dry Eye, you can receive treatment right here at CODET Vision Institute, as we are a premier treatment provider.


  • Treatments range from simple to complex
  • Dry Eye specialists
  • Diagnostics to specify your exact Dry Eye condition
  • Customized treatment specific to the type and severity of your condition

Dry Eye Diagnosis

We have a variety of tests and procedures that may be used to determine the cause of your dry eye symptoms, including:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams: Complete eye exams establish eye health and help our specialists diagnose the cause of your dry eyes
  • Measuring the volume of your tears
  • Determining the quality of your tears

In all cases, we use the information and data obtained from these tests and exams to customize a treatment plan for your specific type of Dry Eye. 


  • Eye Drops
  • Lacrimal Plugs
  • Mibo Thermoflo
  • Autologous Plasma
MiBo Thermoflo (MiBo)


Diagnostic Equipment:

  • HD Analyzer
  • Tear Lab

Treatment Tech:

  • Mibo Thermoflo
  • Autologous Plasma

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