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Strabismus Treatments and Surgery


Strabismus Treatments and Surgery

Strabismus treatments and surgery are recommended to improve the alignment of the eyes so they can work better together for improved binocular vision.

Strabismus Treatment and Surgery

At a Glance:

  • Non-surgical treatments include: prescription glasses, eye patches, vision exercises, prism glasses, or BOTOX injections
  • There is no one best treatment 
  • Treatment is specific to the patient and his or her eye condition
  • Treatment can improve vision as well as correct alignment

When treating strabismus, doctors may first prescribe eyeglasses to correct for any refractive error that may exist. An eye patch may be used for children to strengthen a lazy eye. Strabismus treatment may also require vision exercises, the use of prism glasses, BOTOX injections for eye muscles, and eye muscle surgery. The goal of botulinum toxin injections and eye muscle surgery is to align the eyes so that any residual deviation is almost unnoticeable. This procedure should improve visual function along with the cosmetic appearance of the eyes.

Details such as type of anesthesia, length of procedure, and even type of stitch used in surgery are variable based on the specific nature of each patient’s unique eyes, the nature of their strabismus, and age.

CODET is one of the few centers that offers botulinum toxin for strabismus treatment in Mexico.

Benefits and Highlights: Strabismus Treatment

  • Better depth perception
  • Binocular vision
  • Improved visual fields
  • Eliminates double vision
  • Improved social function as eye contact is so important in human interaction
  • In children, it improves visual development
  • Better personal appearance and raised self esteem

What to Expect: Strabismus Surgery at CODET

At CODET, we believe that all patients and all eyes are unique. That is why all of our Strabismus treatments start with a thorough education and selection process. We take this step very seriously. 

We begin by listening to you, discussing your experiences to date, and your hopes for the treatment. Then, we evaluate your condition using the best diagnostic equipment operated by highly trained technicians and surgeons. Once diagnostics have been completed, we explain each of your options to you, including alternatives and our recommended treatment plan. Only then will you and your doctor reach a treatment decision together. We will only ever recommend surgery if we determine your condition needs it and cannot be treated in any other way.

Botulinum Toxin:

  • An strabismus treatment
  • Botulinum Toxin can be injected directly into targeted eye muscles to help shift eye alignment closer to optimal
  • This takes 15-20 minutes per eye
  • In adults, a few drops of local anesthesia is enough for the botulinum toxin procedure; however, children require sedation in the operating room

Strabismus Surgery:

  • A small incision allows the surgeon to isolate the targeted eye muscle, and then the procedure is performed
  • Using very small instruments, the surgeon tightens or loosens the muscle’s existing connection and stitches it in place using recession, resection, resection/plication, or adjustable sutures
  • Strabismus surgery takes between 1 – 2 hours, and both eyes can be corrected on the same day
  • It is an outpatient procedure
  • Patients are able to leave 2 hours after surgery, but they need to return the following day for post-op evaluation
  • Strabismus surgery provides immediate results
  • After surgery, it is normal for the white part of the eyes to be red, which can take weeks or occasionally months to disappear
  • There is also usually scratchiness or soreness after surgery, which should improve after a few days
Dra. Adriana Valdes

Why CODET for Strabismus Treatments and Surgery?

CODET Vision Institute in Tijuana, Mexico, provides our experienced doctors with advanced, proven technology and the finest surgical rooms and equipment. We are a team of specialists who work and consult together with one goal: to provide the best care available anywhere in the world to our patients. Our Strabismus specialist is Dr. Adriana Valdés Barrena.

How Does Strabismus Treatment and Surgery Work?

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Little Noam Michan, came to CODET to treat a very rare type of Strabismus. His parents search for the right place to treat his son, and the family gave their trust in Dr. Adriana Valdes.

Noam was diagnosed with Brown Syndrome, and we had him checked by two doctors, we ultimately chose CODET because Dr. Valdes took the time to explain to us the issue, we really liked our experience and trusted her, we are ecstatic about the results.

Noam Michan Strabismus Surgery San Diego, CA, US

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