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Cornea Service


Cornea Specialists & Center

Cornea Service at CODET Vision Institute is dedicated to the health and functioning of the cornea. It combines outstanding care, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the best experience for patients.

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Outstanding Care for Cornea Conditions

The cornea specialists at CODET Vision Institute provide comprehensive eye care and the most common vision correction procedures for a range of routine, complex, and high-risk corneal and external diseases and conditions.

We develop personalized treatment plans to achieve the best outcomes for each individual based on their specific condition and needs.

Why is a Healthy Cornea Important?


The cornea is the eye’s outermost layer and plays an important role in our ability to see clearly. The primary function of the cornea is to allow light to pass into the eye so that it can reach the lens and then the retina. For effective sight, the cornea must be transparent. It must also bend the rays of light entering our eye to allow the eye to focus clearly. Changes in either the transparency or shape of the cornea can severely impair vision. Disorders that affect the cornea often cause severe vision loss.

What is a Corneal Disease?

Corneal disease is a serious condition that can cause clouding, distortion, scarring, and eventually blindness. There are many types of corneal diseases.








Dr. Arturo Chayet LASIK Eye Surgery

Why CODET for Cornea Service?

Dr. Arturo Chayet and CODET Fellow performing an eye surgery

Advanced Cornea Transplant Techniques

We are one of the few institutions performing the most advanced cornea transplant techniques:

  • Femtosecond Laser Assisted DALK
  • Endothelial Keroplasty such as DMEK and DSAEK

Read about Cornea Transplant Regulation in Mexico.

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Femtosecond LDV Z8 Laser

About Our Technology

CODET’s technology is key to a successful Cornea care:

Meet Our Cornea Team

Cornea Specialists

Dr. Arturo Chayet

  • Residency at Instituto de Oftalmología Conde de Valenciana (UNAM)
  • Trained at UC, San Diego
  • Member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Certificated by the International Council of Ophthalmology

Dr. Erik Navas

  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
  • Residency at Hospital General “Dr. Manuel Gea González” UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Trained at CODET Vision Institute

Dr. Arie Maya

cornea fellow (2023)
  • Universidad Anáhuac México Norte
  • Residency at Hadassa University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Mexico City, Mexico

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Discussing Keratoconus
with Dr. Arturo Chayet

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