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Leaders in vision correction and ophthalmology since 1986

CODET is a world-class, full-service ophthalmology institute dedicated to excellence in vision care and customer service. For more than three decades, we’ve gained international recognition for our breakthrough contributions to the field.


  • 85,000+
  • 1
    mile from the U.S. border
  • 65-70%
    cost savings compared to services in the U.S.

100% Ophthalmology Focused Eye Clinic

Founded by Dr. Arturo Chayet, Tijuana-based CODET Vision Institute in Mexico, is an eye clinic designed for ophthalmology — and only ophthalmology. Our offerings focus on subspecialties including:

Less than 20 miles from the San Diego International Airport, CODET is a hub for medical tourism; we’ve welcomed tens of thousands of patients from around the world looking for quality vision care at a fair price — and an unforgettable cultural experience.

Dr. Arturo Chayet LASIK Eye Surgery

Advanced Technology and Impeccable Facilities

CODET Vision Institute is a beautifully designed, impeccably maintained 25,000-square-foot facility filled with advanced technology — some of which was invented by our doctors (for example, All-Laser-LASIK in 1995 by Dr. Arturo Chayet). 

Our leading clinical research department gives us constant early access to new and emerging technology; this also allows us to offer exclusive ophthalmologic solutions not yet available in the United States due to the FDA’s long regulatory approval process.


Expert Medical and Support Team

Our medical group, led by Dr. Arturo Chayet, has performed over 85,000  surgeries and procedures since 1986. Our experienced nursing, optometry, and optical staff members have the highest degree of training in their field. Moreover, through our fellowship program, we’ve trained more than 80 ophthalmology subspecialists from around the world. Finally, with a long track record of training experienced doctors from around the globe in new ophthalmic technologies, we’ve become recognized as a center-of-excellence by our peers, worldwide.

CODET Customer Service

Warm Customer Service and Complete Care

CODET was founded on the notion that every patient is like family: We have a vested interest in everyone we treat. Our friendly, knowledgeable, bilingual team is with you every step of your journey to Tijuana and CODET. To ensure you’re a good candidate for surgery, we begin with a comprehensive pre-op diagnostic study. We offer hassle-free services at reasonable prices and completely transparent billing.


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Bill Mulkins, from Brooklyn, New York, traveled to CODET in Tijuana, Mexico to get Cataract Surgery. The procedure changed his life!

I was going blind. I could only see in two-dimension, basically. Dr. Chayet made the plan… I could see brilliantly from a distance the first day, and I see clearer every day. I’m at the point where I can read. CODET is a brilliant place.

Bill Mulkins Cataract Surgery Brooklyn, New York, United States

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