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Adult Strabismus Clinic


Adult Strabismus Clinic

Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not align. It is commonly referred to as “crossed eyes” and can cause double vision. Adults can have misalignment either from a residual childhood strabismus, a new strabismus that develops in adulthood, or a strabismus that is the result of various conditions and causes.  

CODET Vision Institute’s Adult Strabismus Clinic offers complete care and treatment for adults with strabismus. 

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Why Do Adults Develop Strabismus? 

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If strabismus has been present since childhood, the misalignment may have been noticed, but it may have occurred without double vision. In the case of sudden misalignment in adulthood, patients complain almost every time about double vision.

A new presentation of strabismus can be the result of several conditions like thyroid’s ocular disease, a stroke, or a tumor. This is why it’s always important to evaluate the cause of misalignment with blood tests or medical studies.

How Does Strabismus Affect Adults? 

Strabismus causes vision problems, like double vision, but it also affects the appearance and communication of a person because it reduces their ability to make eye contact. Patients with these conditions often feel it affects their self-esteem.

There are cases of people with strabismus feeling ashamed of their misaligned eyes to the point where they avoid looking other people in the eye. They think that people get distracted by their eyes or will make fun of them, causing social interaction problems and difficulties in getting their dream job. Recent studies confirm these observations. Misaligned eyes can create difficult social interactions, diminish trust in yourself, and limit job opportunities.

Adults with strabismus have reported that their self-esteem, communication and in some cases, their ability to drive or read, have improved with surgery or successful treatment.

There’s No Age Limit To Treating Strabismus 

As an adult with strabismus, it’s possible that someone told you that there is nothing that can be done. That’s incorrect. In most cases, surgery and treatment for strabismus are successful, safe, and effective for adults of all ages. The good news is that it’s never too late for surgery. 

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Adult Strabismus Surgery And Treatment

  • Strabismus, whether new strabismus or a recurrence of childhood strabismus, can usually be successfully treated in adults. 
  • Adults can benefit from some of the same treatment options that are available for children with strabismus. Treatment options include prismatic glasses, specialized exercises to regain coordination in both eyes (fusion exercises) and surgery. 
  • At CODET, we offer surgical and non-surgical options including: Strabismus Surgery, Botulinum Toxin treatment, frame lenses, prisms, and therapies. Treatment is generally based on the severity of the strabismus. 

Why Treat My Strabismus At CODET

  • CODET’s strabismus service is led by Dr. Adriana Valdés Barrera, an ophthalmologist with extensive experience in surgery and treatment of all types of strabismus in patients of all ages.  
  • CODET Vision Institute provides our experienced doctors with advanced, proven technology and the finest surgical rooms and equipment. 
  • CODET Vision Institute in Tijuana is one of the few vision centers that offer Botulinum Toxin in Mexico for strabismus. 

Learn how CODET can help you to treat your Strabismus