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A pterygium is a non-cancerous, painless, fleshy growth on the white of the eye, usually caused by UV exposure (sunlight). It can remain small or grow large enough to cover part of the cornea, affecting vision.

An Overview: Pterygium

At a Glance:

  • Growth of abnormal tissue and blood vessels on the white of the eye
  • Almost always caused by sunlight exposure
  • Can remain small and require no treatment
  • If it grows to cover part of the cornea, surgery is the recommended treatment

By far, the most common cause of pterygium is exposure to sunlight, particularly if other irritants such as dust or saltwater are involved. It is so commonly associated with these three factors that it has earned the nickname “surfer’s eye.” 

Patients opt to remove a pterygium if it affects their vision or for cosmetic reasons. While non-surgical treatments exist and some small growths may never require treatment, the only way to get rid of pterygium permanently is through surgery.

Pterygium Surgery

When a pterygium distorts vision, grows large, demonstrates continued growth, or causes ongoing irritation, surgery is required. Pterygium surgery is painless, occurs under local anesthesia only (patient is awake), and usually takes about 30 minutes.

The most common form of surgery involves removing the pterygium and then taking a portion of the conjunctiva (the membrane that covers the white of the eye) to cover the space left behind. See our Pterygium Surgery page for more details.

Dr. Arturo Chayet performing a Cataract Surgery at CODET

Why CODET for Pterygium?

Dr. Arturo Chayet is our pterygium surgery specialists. He has world-renowned experience in surgery, ophthalmic technology, and patient care. As with all CODET doctors, he never perform surgery without first educating you, learning about you and your unique eyes, and then making informed decisions with you.

From the time of your first call or message to us through surgery and postoperative treatment, our professional support staff remains dedicated to ensuring you receive care at as high a level of quality as you will find anywhere in the world.


About our Technology and Facilities

CODET is among the most prestigious eye centers in the world. We believe that every individual is different, with eyes as unique as they are essential. It is of constant and permanent importance to us that our patients receive personal, professional care so that we can fully evaluate their conditions and advise them appropriately. 

Our surgeons are leaders in their specialty fields and are supported by hand-picked staff who are specially trained to deliver optimal care for our patients. Care is provided in our state-of-the-art facilities, offices, and operating rooms using nothing but the best in diagnostic and surgical technology and equipment, so you are fully supported before, during, and after your procedure.

Specific to pterygium surgery, we now employ Fibrin Tissue Adhesive and are one of the few eye centers to utilize this material.

What is Pterygium?

A quick and easy look on pterygium.

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Yesenia Peralta came all the way from Cabo San Lucas to Tijuana because she knew she wanted to have her Pterygium Surgery exclusively at CODET Vision Institute.

I really recommend them with all my heart. They removed the pterygium in both of my eyes, and it was truly wonderful, first-class facilities and caring people that make you feel safe and secure

Yesenia Peralta Pterygium Surgery Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, MX

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