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Medical Tourism in Mexico

Health is perhaps the most precious aspect of our lives, yet so many people today cannot afford high quality health care.  Medical Tourism in Mexico is an alternative to higher cost health care options in the United States. 

Specifically, Tijuana, Baja California has evolved into a health care hub for many important health specialties and CODET Vision Institute has been at the forefront of the Ophthalmic development for Medical Tourism.  Thousands of Americans and Internationals have flown hundreds of thousands of miles from all over the world to have LASIK, Cataract surgery, and many other types of Ophthalmology procedures at CODET.  Conveniently located about 20 miles south of the San Diego International Airport (Airport Code: SAN), CODET is the ideal destination for your Medical Tourism needs.

5 Reasons to choose Medical Tourism at CODET:

1. Tijuana/Baja is undergoing a business and cultural renaissance. Find out more:

2. Technology only available at CODET, not in USA

  • Constantly, when new technology gets developed, CODET has it before clinics in the US or other parts of the world do. That's because CODET has a full-fledged clinical trials department that helps develop new technology and also because the FDA takes so long to approve new technology.
  • At CODET, we offered LASIK from 1994-1996 before it was available in the US. We were the 2nd clinic to perform LASIK in North America in 1994, only after a clinic in Canada.
  • We're currently working with many startups to develop other technologies for Cataract Surgery, Near Vision, Keratoconus, Dry Eye, Glaucoma, Retina, and more, and will have many of these technologies available before they're available in the US.

3. Cost savings

All-Laser-LASIK (IntraLASIK) Price Comparison:

  • CODET: $1,199/eye
  • US clinic/hospital similar quality: $$3,599/eye

CODET is about 70% less expensive

Premium Intraocular Lens Surgery (Cataract or Refractive Lens Exchange):

  • CODET - $3,599/eye
  • US clinic/hospital similar quality: $8,000 - $10,000/eye

CODET is about 65% less expensive

4. Hassle free healthcare experience

  • The US healthcare system is very complex; patients want a more hassle free experience, which CODET provides. Understanding what your insurance covers and doesn't cover is rocket science. Understanding what your insurance will cover or not cover once we know what happens with the Affordable Care Act is even more complex.
  • Medical Tourism has become an increasingly more attractive option as a direct response to complicated and bureaucratic healthcare systems in developed countries like the US.
  • At CODET, all of our pricing is completely transparent; there are no hidden costs. Moreover, you will never receive a bill in the mail or other surprises.

5. We speak your language and culture

  • For Spanish-speaking and Latino patients, we offer something that you cannot receive in the US – a nostalgic experience of the healthcare you’re accustomed to in Latin America. If you live in Southern California or states like Nevada or Arizona, CODET is your best option to be treated in Spanish by a patient care team that understands your needs, while only being a few hours away from home!
  • For English-only patients, many of our staff members have lived or currently live in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We know what patients from these countries and other similar ones look for in customer service and have truly developed a strong ability to connect with with patients from all over the world. "Medical tourism provides advanced technology, cost saving." interviewed our CEO, Daniel Chayet, to learn more about medical tourism:

"Medical tourism is booming in many countries worldwide. Primary Care Optometry News spoke with Daniel Chayet, CEO at CODET Vision Institute in Tijuana, Mexico, which offers a full suite of ophthalmic surgeries with state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. Chayet explains why many patients are traveling across the continent and beyond to save money without sacrificing quality and technological advancements."

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Convenient Location

CODET Vision Institute is conveniently located 10 miles South of both Downtown San Diego and the San Diego International Airport. Over the last 15 years, thousands of Americans and Internationals have flown from all over the world to San Diego. Located less than 1 mile from the international border, CODET Vision Institute is practically in San Diego.

Please watch the video below to get an idea of our amazing Medical Tourism operation and please call us if you have any other questions.  Additionally, please read a recent news article that was published in Baja Docs on medical tourism at the CODET Vision Institute.  To view the article, please click here.


Thousands of people world wide have been to CODET Vision Institute 

Our Amenities and Services

At CODET Vision Institute, the following amenities and services make your Medical Tourism experience in Mexico one-of-a-kind!

World Class Customer Service.
At CODET, we provide you, the patient, an unparalleled, end-to-end experience. From assisting you with your hotel accommodation to navigating the waters of post-op follow up care, we're right there, holding your hand at each and every step of your experience. We recognize and understand that everyone has different needs and it is for that reason that we personalize each and every patient's experience.

Dedicated Medical Tourism Case Manager.
Our dedicated medical tourism case manager will be your point of contact throughout the entire process. She will always be available to resolve any doubt you might have and to help you prepare for your life changing experience!

Bilingual Personnel.
Not only will your Medical Tourism Case Manager speak to you in English, but our entire staff is proficient in English. At CODET, we believe that optimal communication is paramount, so we decided to hire only the friendliest staff that can communicate with our patients from all over the world!

Assistance with Accommodations.
CODET has partnership agreements with different hotels throughout the region. Your dedicated Medical Tourism Case Manager, will guide you through the process of booking a hotel and arranging other travel accommodations.

Best in class Medical Staff.
Our medical staff consists of MDs that have been trained in the best ophthalmology institutions, from all over the world. Each MD has been trained in a highly specialized sub-specialty in ophthalmology to reach a maximum level of expertise in the specific area. Our doctors are also members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Multifaceted Region: In addition to the amazing experience you will have at CODET Vision Institute, the Tijuana and Baja California region offers so much more:

  • Wine tasting in the Guadalupe Valley
  • Whale Watching in Ensenada
  • Exquisite Mexican Cusine in Tijuana and all over Baja
  • World class resorts and spas in Tecate

Like in everything else, the Medical Tourism Case Manager can help you plan all sorts of differents parts of your dream, Baja California vacation!

​We hope you choose to change your life and your vision with us at CODET Vision Institute. We promise you will have an amazing experience!

Established in 1986 · 1st IntraLASIK worldwide in 1995 · 1st Light Adjustable Lens worldwide in 2002
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