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Medical Tourism in Mexico




Health is perhaps the most precious aspect of our lives, yet so many people today cannot afford high quality health care.  Medical Tourism in Mexico is an alternative to higher cost health care options in the United States. 

Specifically, Tijuana, Baja California has evolved into a health care hub for many important health specialties and CODET Vision Institute has been at the forefront of the Ophthalmic development for Medical Tourism.  Thousands of Americans and Internationals have flown hundreds of thousands of miles from all over the world to have LASIK, Cataract surgery, and many other types of Ophthalmology procedures at CODET.  Conveniently located about 10 miles south of the San Diego International Airport (Airport Code: SAN), CODET is the ideal destination for your Medical Tourism needs.

Convenient Location

CODET Vision Institute is conveniently located 10 miles South of both Downtown San Diego and the San Diego International Airport. Over the last 15 years, thousands of Americans and Internationals have flown from all over the world to San Diego, where our complimentary shuttle service has provided streamlined, round-trip transportation to CODET Vision Institute and back. Located less than 1 mile from the international border, CODET Vision Institute is practically in San Diego. Please call us to learn more about our hassle-free and complimentary shuttle service. 

Please watch the video below to get an idea of our amazing Medical Tourism operation and please call us if you have any other questions.  Additionally, please read a recent news article that was published in Baja Docs on medical tourism at the CODET Vision Institute.  To view the article, please click here.


Thousands of people world wide have been to CODET Vision Institute 



Other Amenities and Services.

At CODET Vision Institute we count with the following amenities and services to make your visit a complete Medical Tourism experience.

World Class Customer Service. At CODET Vision Institute we strive to serve each patient with all they need to plan their medical tourism experience: From assisting the patient to book their hotel accommodation to the post op follow up assistance. We recognize and understand the needs of our patients is different. We do not assume anything.

Dedicated Surgical Coordinator: Our dedicated surgical coordinator on medical tourism will assist you from the initial stages to the end of your procedures. She will be available to resolve any doubt you might have and assist you in booking your surgery, preparing yourself, explaining the procedures and more

Bilingual Personnel: We assure that you will be attended in the language of your preference, either in Spanish or English to make you feel at home.

Complementary Transportation: CODET Vision Institute offers you transportation from near the US Border to San Diego and Tijuana International Airports.

  • CODET Shuttle
  • Uber
  • Medical Pass.

Accommodation Assistance: CODET has different collaboration agreement with different hotels and the dedicated surgical coordinator will gladly assist you in finding the place of your choice to stay.

Best in class Medical Staff: Our medical staff are MD trained all over the world that have earned the title in High Specialty in Ophthalmology that is the highest rank in medicine that can possible be earned.  They are also members of the AAO based in the USA.

CODET’s quality in medical service is recognized all over the world including USA since several MDs refer patients for treatment to our clinic.

Multifaceted Region: After your surgery, you can take advantage of Baja´s rich options to visit and have a complete medical tourism experience.

  • Whale Watching,
  • Exquisite Mexican Cousine
  • Vine yards touring
  • World class Spas in Tecate
  • And more
Established in 1986 · 1st IntraLASIK worldwide in 1995 · 1st Light Adjustable Lens worldwide in 2002
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