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Why Choose CODET in Tijuana?

8 Key Reasons:


1. Best medical group and support team

  • Led by Dr. Arturo Chayet who has 30+ years of experience. Our medical group has invented some of the most advanced technologies and trained over 80 subspecialist fellows.
  • Optometry, Nursing, and Optical staff with the highest degree of training and experience.

2Access to the most advanced technology at reasonable prices

  • We have technology available only at CODET and not in the US as a result of our top clinical research department and the slow FDA approval process in the US.

3. Warmest patient care and customer service founded on the notion that every patient is family.

4. Highest degree of ethics

  • We perform the highest number of pre-op diagnostic studies to evaluate whether you’re a good candidate for surgery because we only perform surgery on the best surgical candidates.
  • We do not reuse consumables.
  • Our equipment is impeccably maintained.
  • We offer the CODET Warranty for all services.

5. For both the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking communities in the US, we speak your language and understand your culture.

6. Reliable, hassle-free, and transparent healthcare services, unlike the service you will receive in bureaucratic healthcare systems where getting an appointment is slow and billing is confusing.

7. Strategic Location, 1 mile from the border.

  • We provide transportation to our facilities from any part of San Diego or Tijuana.

8. Tijuana is undergoing a cultural renaissance, there is no better time to visit Tijuana and Baja California.


Established in 1986 · 1st IntraLASIK worldwide in 1995 · 1st Light Adjustable Lens worldwide in 2002
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