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Intraocular polyimide intraocular lens haptic breakage long-term postoperatively

Stallings S, Werner L, Chayet A, Masket S, Camacho F, Cutler Peck C, Mamalis N.

We present 2 cases of 3-piece silicone intraoculanbsp;r lenses (IOLs) with broken polyimide haptics. In the first case, the IOL was implanted in the anterior chamber after posterior capsule rupture. Twelve years later, it was explanted and exchanged because of bullous keratopathy. However, on careful manipulation for explantation, the haptics shattered into multiple pieces. In the second case, initial in-the-bag implantation of the IOL was uneventful. Fifteen years later, the IOL dislocated into the anterior chamber as a result of spontaneous in situ haptic breakage. The haptics of both IOLs appeared very brittle during careful manipulation for gross and light microscopy, with further breakage. Scanning electron microscopy of both IOLs revealed no evidence of haptic degradation. Their surfaces appeared smooth and regular with jagged edges where the breaks occurred. Few studies have examined the long-term biocompatibility of polyimide, and more research is needed to determine the cause of this phenomenon.


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