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Dr. Adriana Valdés Barrena

Dr. Adriana Valdés Barrena

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Surgery

Dr. Adriana Valdés Barrena carried out her university studies as a surgeon doctor, obtaining her degree at the Facultad de Estudios Superiores in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in 2009. She proceeded to earn her specialty in Ophthalmology at the 20 de Noviembre Medical I.S.S.T.E in 2013 and obtained her High Specialty in Strabismus at the same center.

Dr. Valdés is distinguished as the Department Strabismus Chief at the 20 de Noviembre Medical I.S.S.T.E. Center, Speaker for Merz Laboratories and Johnson & Johnson, and for being a full professor for High Specialty in Strabismus and professor of the Strabismus in Ophthalmology Specialty Course at 20 de Noviembre Medical I.S.S.T.E. Center.

She is the author of several scientific publications, including Visual Neurorehabilitation with Botulinic Toxin in Patients with Brain Damage and research work such as Use of Levocarbidopa as a Contributor in the Treatment of Amblyopia in Pediatric Patients.

Dr. Valdés joined CODET in 2018, and her reputation and leadership in the Strabismus Specialty serve as an outstanding help to her patients and colleagues.


  • Secretary at Mexican Strabismus Center 2018-2019 Administration
  • Pro-Secretary at Mexican Ophthalmology Society 2018-2019 Administration

Professional Memberships & Affiliations

  • Mexican Ophthalmology Society
  • Mexican Strabismus Center
  • Panamerican Ophthalmology Society
  • Certification for the Mexican Council of Ophthalmology

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