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CODET Fellowship Graduation

CODET Vision Institute is a comprehensive ophthalmology institute providing the highest quality visual care with the most advanced technology available. However, CODET is also a world renowned teaching institution. Doctors at CODET have trained hundreds of surgeons with experience and more than ninety surgeons in training through its prestigious one and two-year Fellowship Programs. Once they are admitted, ophthalmologists all over the world travel to CODET to learn from physicians for a year (or two), learning surgical abilities and techniques from this prestigious academic institution.

On April 1st, 2019, here at CODET Vision Institute, the graduation ceremony for the Cornea, Anterior Segment, and Refractive Surgery Fellowship Program took place.

Dr. Arturo Chayet, medical director of CODET Vision Institute and professor of the graduates, who is very proud of the learning and experiences obtained by his fellows, delivered the diplomas that certified the culmination of this Fellowship that the ophthalmologists obtained for learning techniques for Anterior Segment and Refractive Surgery for the past year.

Dr. Gabriela Ávila, Medical Director of Fundacion Codet and the coordinator of the Fellowship Program, commented on the great professional growth that the graduates exhibited during the year. She summarized many of the key learnings and reported the number of surgeries performed by each fellow during their training. To date, this Fellowship class has performed more surgeries in one year than any previous class.

The graduated doctors were Dr. Julio Moreno, Dr. Yunuen Bages, and Dr. Susana Yañez, who all concluded their Anterior Segment and Refractive Surgery Fellowship Program. They also obtained diplomas for the service they provided to Fundación Codet. Fundacion Director, Marcela Deffis, acknowledged that the graduates provided service to this institution with ultimate humane quality and care.

Additionally, in this ceremony, the beginning of a new cycle was celebrated: the 2019 Fellowship Program kickoff. The newly admitted fellows and the ones who started the 2nd year Cornea Program at the beginning of the month were presented.

Well done, everyone! Congratulations to all the doctors! We wish you all the best and success in your future professional career path!