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Meet Our New CODET Fellows!

CODET Fellowship Program offers ophthalmologists an opportunity to earn a specialist degree while training alongside leading vision care experts.

The CODET Vision Institute Fellowship Program has welcomed an impressive number of ophthalmologists from all around the globe since its founding in 1994 by our Medical Director, Dr. Arturo Chayet. The CODET fellowship program allows ophthalmology professionals to further their studies and earn a subspecialist degree while training alongside leading vision care experts in their field.

During the program, our doctors-in-training learn and perform different procedures and gain hands-on experience in clinical and surgical settings. In addition, our fellows can participate in live webinars with well-recognized guest speakers in the field and participate in research protocols and publications, making CODET not only a full-service ophthalmology institute but also a well-known teaching institution in the field of ophthalmology. 

More than 100 fellows have trained in our program since its inception. This year we welcome 14 more brilliant ophthalmologists who seek to gain knowledge in many different types of subspecialties. Some of this year’s fellows are brand new faces; others have already finished their first fellowship and are now pursuing their second fellowship at our institution.

Without any further ado, we present our new generation of fellows for this year:

Anterior Segment

  • Dr. Erik Navas – Ciudad de México, México
  • Dr. Francisco Saldívar – San Fernando, Tamaulipas, México
  • Dr. Guglielmo Buonomo – Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Campania, Italia
  • Dr. Maximiliano Barrera – Monterrey, Nuevo León, México


  • Dr. Luis Valdés – Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
  • Dr. Melesio Palazuelos – Culiacán, Sinaloa, México

Retina and Vitreous

  • Dra. Leslie Niebla – Tijuana, Baja California, México
  • Dr. Sergio Rios – Huetamo, Michoacán, México
  • Dra. Mariana López – Culiacán, Sinaloa, México
  • Dr. José Maldonado – Ciudad de México, México


  • Dra. Andrea Montero – San Juan de Los Lagos, Jalisco, México


  • Dra. Carolina Guzmán – Moroleon, Guanajuato, México

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

  • Dra. Mariana Tabares – Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
  • Dra. Katia Govea – Monterrey, Nuevo León, México