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Rosie Rivera’s Daughter, Kassey, Gets LASIK Surgery at CODET

Rosie Rivera shares her daughter's experience with LASIK surgery at CODET.

20 years ago, Rosie Rivera underwent LASIK surgery at CODET Vision Institute with Dr. Arturo Chayet. She was just 18 years old. Today, Rosie is the executive director of Jenni’s Rivera Companies. She recently revisited CODET with her mother, Mrs. Rosa, and her daughter Kassey.

On March 8, 2021 Rosie returned to CODET Vision Institute to get an eye exam and determine the state of her visual health. She took advantage of this visit to also arrange a visual eye exam for her daughter Kassey to determine if she may be a candidate for LASIK surgery. Rosie shared her visit and experience on a videoblog.

Videoblogging CODET’s Care

Kassey was seen by our Ophthalmologist Specialist in Cornea, Cataracts, and Refractive Surgery, Dr. Denisse Pinkus. Dr. Pinkus determined that Kassey was a good candidate for the LASIK procedure and would be able to have the procedure after she turns 18 years old.

On her way out of CODET, Rosie met with her good friend, the Mexican singer Diana Reyes. Diana had visited CODET Vision Institute to receive cataract surgery with the Light Adjustable Lens, a surgery that would change the singer’s life.

A few weeks later, on March 24, 2021, Kassey was over 18 years of age and was able to have LASIK surgery. Dr. Pinkus performed her procedure at the CODET Vision Institute.

In her videoblog, Rosie Rivera takes us through the process of her daughter Kassey’s LASIK surgery. She tells us about how several members of the Rivera family, herself,  her father, and brother, all visited CODET to receive the same procedure.

The next day, after her postoperative check-up, Kassey learned that after her surgery, she now has 20/20 vision.

Thank you very much Rosie Rivera for these videoblogs!