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“Ten Tips for 80 micron Femto Flaps”

Dr. Arturo Chayet of CODET Vision Institute presented an article in ALACCSA-R, an important digital magazine in the Latin American community of ophthalmologists.

CODET Vision Institute founder Dr. Arturo Chayet contributed to the 47th digital edition of “Noticiero ALACCSA-R” with an article entitled: “Ten Tips for 80 micron Femto Flaps”. The article is found in the Top Ten section of the magazine.

In the article, Dr. Chayet presented ten tips to create flaps safely and precisely using an 80 micron femtosecond laser. He also made it a point to emphasize the importance of providing proper maintenance of the femto laser that used along with recommendations for obtaining the best LASIK surgery results when performing the dissection.

The Largest Latin American Community of Ophthalmologists

The Latin American Association of Cataract, Cornea and Anterior Segment Surgeons (ALACCSA-R) is one of the largest associations of ophthalmologists in Latin America. ALACCSA-R was founded in 1991 to raise and promote ophthalmology educational materials and spaces through local and international congresses, talks and articles.

The magazine emerged in 1996 under the name “Fronteras en Oftalmología,” but eventually changed its name to “Noticiero ALACCSA-R” in 2008. Today it is an important educational material within the Latin American community of ophthalmologists.

Consult the ALACCSA-R Magazine to read the article in its entirety.