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MIGS Combined with Premium IOLs

CODET Vision Institute held a panel discussion with Glaucoma and Cataract specialists to learn more about their experiences in the subject.

On August 25, CODET Vision Institute held its Monthly Academic Session. The August theme was “MIGS Combined with Premium IOLs” and included the presentation of a clinical case by Dr. Andrea Montero, Fellow of Glaucoma, Dr. Gabriela Avila, Director of the Glaucoma Service, and Dr. Arturo Chayet, Medical Director at CODET Vision Institute.

The live seminar began with the results of the clinical case, which led to a discussion regarding the use of Toric IOLs and Premium IOLs for a combined MIGS Surgery. The doctors expressed their concerns regarding the use of a Premium Intraocular Lens in less advanced cases of Glaucoma, but acknowledged the benefits that it can have in terminal cases. Benefits such as a reduced use of medications on the ocular surface and an improved quality of life for the patient were given as examples.

The discussion panel was opened to Glaucoma specialist Dr. Wendy M. López Salazar, an ophthalmologist from the Saint John´s Medical Center and former fellow of CODET Vision Institute, Dr. Jibran Mohamed-Noriega, an ophthalmologist and professor at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and Dr. Carlos Navas Villar, an ophthalmologist from the Institute of Ophthalmology Foundation Count of Valenciana. The doctors had the opportunity to tell us about their experience with MIGS Combined with Premium IOLs

We invite you to learn more about this interesting discussion and ophthalmologists’ experiences in the following video.