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Recommendations to Reduce the Risk of Suffering an Eye Accident

Dr. Sergio Groman of CODET Vision Institute tells us about eye injuries and shares recommendations to reduce the risk of suffering an eye accident.

Eye injuries occur in many ways. It could be from a pebble that scratches the cornea, a strong and toxic chemical that gets into the eye, or a nail that pierces the eye.

Dr. Sergio Groman, Retina Service Director at CODET Vision Institute, shared several different scenarios that could lead to an eye injury. For example, in our home when we are hammering in a nail to hang a picture, or at work where different materials and possibly chemicals are handled and can come into contact with the eye.

Although there is no way to anticipate an accident, there are measures that can help to reduce the risk of suffering an eye injury.

Learn more about the subject in the video; news coverage by TV Azteca with Dr. Sergio Groman.