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Take a Moment to Celebrate the CODET Nursing Team With Us

At CODET we take a moment to recognize the commitment and dedication of our nurses in every action they take for the care and visual health of our patients

Day of the Nurse has been celebrated in Mexico every January 6 since 1931. This special day is set aside to commemorate and recognize the important work nursing professionals provide in the care and attention of patients.

At CODET Vision Institute, we have many excellent nurses who we want to honor on this day of celebration. Our Surgical Nursing Team is a group of highly trained professionals who are prepared to attend to the needs of patients and assist doctors in the surgical procedures that are performed at CODET Vision Institute every day.

The CODET Surgical Nursing Team includes:

  • Cindi Audeves
  • Aracely Cota
  • Anabelen Espinoza
  • María Guadalupe Ledesma
  • Marisabel Palomares
  • Mariana Peralta
  • Rosa Maria Ramírez
  • Rosa Angélica
  • Laura Azucena Rocha
  • Wendy Vazquez

We also have our Clinical Nursing Team. These specialists take care of the diagnostic process for our patients, guiding and assisting them during their clinical office visit in conjunction with optometrists and ophthalmologists.

The CODET Clinical Nursing Specialists are:

  • Roman Cardenas
  • Ana Caren Lopez
  • Miriam Reyes

We want to take a moment to recognize our nursing teams for their commitment and dedication and for the care they provide to our patients.

Thank you for your contribution and your dedication, always showing your skills and professionalism in the care you provide!