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2021-22 Ophthalmologists Culminate Their Fellowship At CODET

A graduation ceremony was held for the 2021-2022 generation of the Fellowship Program at CODET.

Each year, ophthalmologists from around the world select CODET Vision Institute to continue their professional training and to obtain a degree in the subspecialty of their choice. 2021 was no exception. We welcomed nine ophthalmologists from different backgrounds but with the same purpose of learning more about their careers. Now, after a year of growth, they have successfully achieved their goals by completing their Fellowship Programs at CODET.

To celebrate their achievements, a graduation ceremony was held at CODET Vision Institute on March 31, 2022. CODET’s medical team, families, and loved ones attended the ceremony.

The ceremony began with a message from Dr. Arturo Chayet, who took the opportunity to congratulate the graduates and their families for their accomplishments and active participation in the clinic. Afterward, between emotional hugs and goodbye words, the ophthalmologists received their diploma of subspecialty from CODET and Fundación +LUZ.

The event concluded with CODET Vision Institute’s CEO, Daniel Chayet, congratulating the graduates on their hard work and dedication during the fellowship.

Fellowship Program Graduates 2021 – 2022

Dr. Katia Govea
Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Fellowship

Dr. Guglielmo Buonomo
Anterior Segment and Refractive Surgery Fellowship

Dr. Maximiliano Barrera
Anterior Segment and Refractive Surgery Fellowship

Dr. Erick Navas
Anterior Segment and Refractive Surgery Fellowship

Dr. Francisco Saldivar
Anterior Segment and Refractive Surgery Fellowship

Dr. Andrea Montero
Glaucoma Fellowship

Dr. Luis Valdes
Cornea Fellowship

Dr. Leslie Niebla
Retina and Vitreous Fellowship

Dr. Sergio Rios
Retina and Vitreous Fellowship

Congratulations to the ophthalmologists for another goal achieved! CODET Vision Institute is proud to be part of their learning experience and we are very happy to have welcomed fellows so warm, open, and caring towards their patients and the CODET team.

We wish you success in your journey as an ophthalmologist, which we know will include many accomplishments!