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CODET’s Medical And Nursing Team Completes Training In Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

CODET's medical and nursing team trained in a course approved by the American Heart Association, to deliver excellence in patient care.

At CODET Vision Institute we are passionate about improving our skills and knowledge to deliver efficient and excellent patient care that improves the patient experience.

For this reason, CODET’s medical and surgical nursing team recently completed training in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, a course approved by the American Heart Association. The training took place on March 12 and 13, 2022 at the Cruz Roja Tijuana facilities.

New Skills and Abilities Benefit Patients

The purpose of this training session was to provide participants with the skills and abilities to recognize and intervene in cardiovascular emergencies or cardiopulmonary arrest. This course allows the CODET team to form a strategy for immediate response in the face of an emergency.

13 members of our medical and nursing team were trained, including Dr. Adriana Valdés, Director of the Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Service, Dr. Martín Guzmán, Director of the Oculoplastics Service, Dr. Carolina Guzmán, fellow of the Oculoplastics Service, Cindy Guerrero, Supervisor of the nursing team and the surgical nursing team at CODET.

CODET Vision Institute’s commitment to providing the highest quality of patient care and safety was a driving force in our decision to participate in this training. We are proud of our team of highly trained professionals.