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CODET: Vision care with no borders

Dr. Chayet shares why he chose Tijuana to found CODET Vision Institute

Dr. Arturo Chayet was interviewed by the television host, José Ciccone, for the A más+ channel, broadcast by TV Azteca Tijuana, in which the doctor’s career was revealed and why he chose the border for CODET’s location.

“I really liked the border. I saw very favorable things and great potential in it. At the time, the medical community in Tijuana was not very developed. I saw that there was a lot of opportunity and need in the area,” the doctor commented.

CODET Vision Institute was founded by Dr. Chayet in 1986 and has become a world leader in ophthalmology services as well as a leader in developing new technologies, procedures, and clinical research in the field.

Dr. Chayet’s effort and dedication helped position Tijuana as a world leader in medical tourism due to his innovations and leading initiatives in digital marketing and customer service.

CODET Vision Institute has more than 30 years of experience in the field of ophthalmology with more than 85,000 procedures and surgeries completed. It is only 1 mile from the United States border in Tijuana, Mexico.

To learn more about CODET and it’s founder, Dr. Chayet, watch this interesting interview.