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11/11/2020 20 Worst Things for Your Eyes
11/9/2020 Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Eye Exam if You Have Diabetes
11/5/2020 Monthly Academic Session: "Update on Pediatric Keratoplasty"
11/3/2020 CODET Celebrates Doctor's Day!
11/2/2020 CODET Makes It Easy to Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Sight!
10/9/2020 CODET Monthly Academic Session: "ICL: 27 Years of Experience"
10/7/2020 Before and After: Therapeutic Alternatives for Strabismus
10/5/2020 CODET Featured in EyeWorld: "Insights on the Light Adjustable Lens”
10/1/2020 CODET Thanks all Frontline Heroes! With special pricing on All-Laser-LASIK for all Essential Workers
9/11/2020 Early Trial Results Indicate COVID-19 Vaccine is Immunogenic and Safe
9/9/2020 Is Pink Eye a Symptom of COVID-19 in Children?
9/7/2020 Tips for Living with Low Vision
9/4/2020 Gene Therapy in Retinal Diseases
9/1/2020 Vision Correction for our Frontline Heroes!
8/12/2020 Seven Myths About Children’s Eyes
8/7/2020 Recommendations on Screen Time for Kids
8/5/2020 20 Ways Aging Changes Your Eyes
8/3/2020 New Alternatives for Intraocular Lens Scleral Fixation
8/1/2020 Enjoy Better Vision this Summer!
7/15/2020 Before and After: The CODET Difference for Eyelid Surgery
7/13/2020 Four Hidden Signs of Vision Problems in Kids
7/9/2020 Tips to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Eye Infections
7/6/2020 How to Pick the Best Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes
7/2/2020 Summer 20/20: Enjoy your vacations with BIG savings!
6/16/2020 Video: Can I get COVID-19 if I use Contact Lenses?
6/11/2020 CODET shares clinical experience with Anterion
6/10/2020 How to Wear a Face Mask Without Fogging Your Glasses
6/5/2020 Getting Eyelid Surgery with an Eye MD specializing in Oculoplastics.
6/1/2020 Summer 20/20: Enjoy your vacations with BIG savings!
5/11/2020 Home safety: preventing eye injuries
5/8/2020 Is It COVID-19 or allergies?
5/6/2020 Switching to glasses from contact lenses may stop you from touching your face
5/4/2020 12 Key COVID-19 Safety Measures at CODET
5/1/2020 Your Surgery…in Plain Sight!
4/15/2020 Preventing COVID-19 is in Your Hands!
4/9/2020 Use of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine on Patients with COVID-19
4/6/2020 Prepared for COVID-19: A message from Dr. Arturo Chayet.
4/3/2020 Ophthalmologists culminate their Fellowship Program at CODET
4/1/2020 United for Your Vision: CODET stands in solidarity with its patients and their economic situation
3/12/2020 CODET Celebrates Optometrist Day!
3/12/2020 Surprising Ties Betwen Coronavirus and the Eyes
3/6/2020 When Should Your Child Have a First Eye Exam?
3/4/2020 20 Health Problems an Eye Exam Can Catch
3/1/2020 ICL Lens: An Alternative to Refractive Surgery
2/13/2020 7 Ways to Protect Your Eyes from Age-Related Macular Degeneration
2/11/2020 National Geographic: Baja California Sur is the Second Greatest Destination in the World
2/6/2020 Discussing Anterior Lamellar Corneal Transplants
2/5/2020 Avoid Eye Strain Caused by Computers and Electronic Devices
2/1/2020 Video: Diagnostic Studies on the Retina are Important for Your Visual Health
1/14/2020 CODET Celebrates Nurses Day!
1/14/2020 20/20 Resolution: Take Care of Your Eyes Now For Good Vision In Later Life
1/11/2020 Travel Tips For Your Eyes
1/8/2020 Whale Watching is the Most Spectacular Tourist Attraction in Baja California
1/2/2020 Lifestyle Choices May Help Glaucoma Patients Preserve EyeSight
12/23/2019 Food of the World in One City: Tijuana’s Multicultural Cuisine
12/20/2019 How do Electronic Devices Affect Children Vision?
12/13/2019 Here’s How To Open a Champagne Bottle Without Hurting Your Eye
12/8/2019 CODET Shares Knowledge and Expertise in Oculoplastics with Ophthalmologists from all Over the World
12/1/2019 Discussing the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL): The most advanced intraocular lens for Cataract Surgery and Near Vision Correction!
11/30/2019 Forbes: Sierra San Pedro Mártir is the Ideal Mexican Destination for Winter
11/25/2019 Video: Discussing Droopy Eyelids (Ptosis)
11/15/2019 CODET Takes Part in Race to Help Families Build their Homes
11/9/2019 People with Diabetes Must Have Annual Sight-Saving Exams
11/3/2019 Introducing the Light Adjustable Lens
10/11/2019 Video: Next Generation All-Laser-LASIK
10/9/2019 Chef Gordon Ramsay Checks Out Food Scene in Tijuana
10/1/2019 Video: Discussing Endothelial Corneal Transplant (DSAEK & DMEK)
9/30/2019 Three Things Patients Should Know About Cataracts
8/29/2019 Video: Discussing Under Eye Fillers and Treatments for Dark Circles
8/22/2019 Video: Back to School! Good Vision and Overall Visual Health are Vital for Learning
8/14/2019 Tijuana’s Tacos Takeover Netflix’s “Taco Chronicles”
8/5/2019 CODET Participates in the II International Ophthalmology Congress of El Bajío
8/1/2019 Ophthalmologists Encourage Making Your Eyes Part of a Healthy Aging Strategy
7/29/2019 Fiestas de la Vendimia Festival has arrived to Baja California
7/22/2019 Dr. Edith Eger shares her wisdom and inspiring story with CODET
7/15/2019 Video: Discussing Diabetic Retinopathy
7/8/2019 LASIK: Frequently Asked Questions and Post-Operative Care
7/1/2019 Sunglasses: Your Prescription for Eye Health
6/27/2019 Discussing the Health of Your Retina
6/27/2019 Rosarito: The "Mexican Hollywood”
6/17/2019 Discussing Pterygium Surgery
6/10/2019 Visual Health in Patients with Diabetes Week
6/3/2019 Firework Eye Safety Tips
5/28/2019 Discussing Keratoconus: "Don't Rub Your Eyes!" with Dr. Arturo Chayet
5/21/2019 Discussing Botulinium Toxin (BOTOX) with Dr. Martin Guzman
5/12/2019 Five Steps to Lower Your Risk of Eye Disease
5/7/2019 CODET Doctors Share Expertise at the ASCRS Annual 2019 Meeting
5/1/2019 The Many Gastronomic Sides of Tijuana
4/17/2019 Discussing Near, Intermediate, Distance Vision and the PanOptix Intraocular Lens
4/4/2019 Using Eye Protection for Professional and Recreational Sports Prevent Eye Injuries
4/3/2019 Introducing Visión Sin Fronteras: cross-border and multicultural life
4/2/2019 CODET Fellowship Graduation
4/1/2019 Video: What is Oculoplastics?
3/25/2019 Tijuana Reinvents, Creates and Innovates Coffee
3/25/2019 Video: Questions and Answers about Eyelid Surgery
3/11/2019 Protect Your Eyes from Too Much Screen Time
3/7/2019 How do Allergies Affect Vision?
3/1/2019 Frequently Asked Questions about Pediatric Ophthalmology
1/25/2019 Live Video: "All-Laser-LASIK, more precise than ever"
1/15/2019 Reasons to visit Baja California
1/9/2019 Video: "Lazy Eye in Children (Amblyopia)"
1/7/2019 Early Detection Critical to Treating Glaucoma
1/4/2019 New State-of-the-Art Laser for Refractive Surgery, Wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser, Now Available at CODET
12/24/2018 Explore Local and Hip Tijuana Shops to Find Unique and Beautiful Holiday Gifts
12/24/2018 Live surgery: Cataract surgery with PanOptix IOL
12/20/2018 Video: Strabismus Treatment with Botox
12/10/2018 Tips to Avoid Eye Injuries During this Holiday Season
12/4/2018 Medical tourism provides advanced technology, cost savings
Medical tourism provides advanced technology, cost savings
11/10/2018 Forbes: "Tijuana is the best city for a vacation in Mexico".
11/7/2018 Tips for preventing visual problems for diabetic patients.
11/5/2018 CODET participates in 5K race to support the recovery of women with cancer.
11/2/2018 Video: Tips for detecting the quality of your child's vision.
11/1/2018 Glaucoma: Avoiding its progression, which could lead to blindness.
10/18/2018 Guadalupe Valley: A Landscape and Cuisine for Everyone
10/12/2018 Video: Dry Eye Questions & Answers
10/8/2018 PanOptix® IOL: State-of-the-Art Technology at CODET
10/8/2018 CODET shares knowledge and experience in Strabismus with ophthalmologists from all over Mexico
10/1/2018 Risks of Wearing Halloween Costume Contact Lenses
9/18/2018 Video - Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty): What do you need to know before, during, and after surgery?
9/11/2018 Where to Eat and Drink in Tijuana Right Now
9/10/2018 Take a Virtual Tour through CODET! Virtually experience our world-class facilities
9/4/2018 CODET doctors share experiences and knowledge with ophthalmologists from the entire country
9/3/2018 Your vision should be part of your decision to age healthfully
8/22/2018 Oculoplastics and external eye diseases with Dr. Ana Luz Rabago
8/20/2018 No, Blue Light From Your Smartphone Is Not Blinding You
8/16/2018 Video: Strabismus in children & adults: How is visual deviation corrected?
8/2/2018 Back to school! Good vision and overall visual health are vital to learning
8/1/2018 San Diego Magazine awards "The Best of Tijuana 2018"
7/19/2018 The importance of checking children's eyes
7/7/2018 Soccer and gastronomy gives identity and pride to Tijuana
7/5/2018 CODET, in constant collaboration with the leading ophthalmic institutions in the world
7/2/2018 Will Your Sunglasses Protect You from Serious Eye Disease?
7/1/2018 Live Video: PRK Surgery on a patient with Myopia and Astigmatism
6/21/2018 Are you considering Laser Surgery?
6/10/2018 Walk of Diabetic Eye Week
6/8/2018 Tijuana's Creative Spirit
6/2/2018 Live video: Cataract Surgery on a patient with Glaucoma
6/1/2018 Three Things Patients Should Know About Cataracts
5/22/2018 CODET present at the XXXIV Mexican Congress of Ophthalmology
5/17/2018 Studies show that women face greater risk of blindness than men
5/11/2018 The life of a SoCal Millennial before and after LASIK
5/4/2018 A fusion of inspiring vibe, arts and unique cuisine makes Tijuana your next go-to spot
5/2/2018 Live: Laser Cataract Surgery with PanOptix IOL
4/19/2018 CODET Doctors share their knowledge at ASCRS Annual Meeting 2018
4/10/2018 Everything You Need to Know about Valle de Guadalupe
4/7/2018 What Makes CODET different?
4/2/2018 April is Sports Safety and Ocular Protection Month
4/1/2018 Ophthalmologists finish Fellowship Program at CODET
3/16/2018 Optometrist Day 2018: The importance of Eye Exams
3/16/2018 Spring Break 2018: Places to visit in Tijuana
3/16/2018 CODET shares experience of Ocular Damage in patients with Diabetes
3/8/2018 Dr. Arturo Chayet receives Leader 2017 award
3/1/2018 March is Workplace Eye Wellness Awareness Month
2/15/2018 Live Video: IntraLASIK surgery assisted with Z8 Femto LDV Laser
2/6/2018 Tijuana Cuisine in Constant Transformation
2/5/2018 Sunglasses. The Importance of Ultraviolet Rays Protection for Your Vision
2/2/2018 Age-Related Macular Degeneration Awareness: One of the leading causes of blindness
2/1/2018 Arturo Chayet, MD, is awarded as Citizen of the Year in Baja California
1/8/2018 Dry Eye session with MiBo Thermoflo technology at Dry Eye Clinic
1/5/2018 2017: A year rich in technology and innovation at CODET
1/4/2018 Early Detection, Critical to Treating Glaucoma
1/3/2018 Cataract Surgery May Prolong Your Life
1/2/2018 Medical Tourism in Ophthalmology
12/10/2017 Tips to Avoid Toy-Related Eye Injuries
12/6/2017 Live video: Cataract Surgery and High Myopia
12/5/2017 Dry Eye: Practical advice for the care of this disease
12/4/2017 A Trip Through the Winemaking Heart of Baja California
12/1/2017 XXVII International Cataract, Cornea and Refractive Surgery Symposium in Tijuana
11/15/2017 How did Tijuana become Mexico’s go-to foodie city?
11/8/2017 CODET shares experience with Combined Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery at ALACCSA-R Congress 2017
11/6/2017 November: Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month
11/2/2017 Live video: Subconjuctival hemorrhages that affect vision
11/1/2017 AcrySof® IQ PanOptix®: Vision Without Borders
10/13/2017 CODET shares experience at World Retinopathy of Prematurity Congress
10/8/2017 Live video: Eye Allergies
10/5/2017 October is Halloween Eye Safety Month
10/3/2017 Video: What makes CODET different?
10/2/2017 Innovative AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® Trifocal Toric Lens available in Mexico
9/13/2017 Centurion Vision System: New technology for Cataract extraction at CODET
9/13/2017 Live video: Dry Eye Clinic and MiBo Thermoflo Treatment
9/13/2017 September is Healthy Aging Month
9/13/2017 CODET at the X International Glaucoma Course
9/13/2017 Wine Harvest in Valle de Guadalupe
8/16/2017 Dry Eye Clinic to launch at CODET
8/16/2017 Cross-Border Business Forum: Binational Healthcare and Medical Tourism
8/16/2017 Four Tips to Make Sure Kids’ Eyes and Vision Are ‘Grade A’ This School Year
8/16/2017 CODET presents medical updates at Ophtha Summit 2.0
8/16/2017 Live video: "Pterygium and its treatment" with Dr. Irma Zamudio
7/12/2017 Five Tips from Ophthalmologists That Will Protect Your Eyes from Sun Damage
7/12/2017 Interview with Dr. Irma Zamudio about Laser Cataract Surgery in Hola Azteca Show
7/12/2017 Tijuana's art and innovation, CODET and Cine Tonalá strike an alliance
7/12/2017 Tijuana: From party town to tech hub
7/3/2017 Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery, available at CODET
6/12/2017 Live video: What is a cataract and how is it removed?
6/9/2017 Through the looking glass at CODET
5/28/2017 Timely Detection for Ocular Damage in Diabetic Patients Week 2017
5/20/2017 Tijuana reinventing itself through gastronomy
5/18/2017 Ophthalmology and football together in Argentina
5/11/2017 CODET Doctors at ASCRS 2017
5/4/2017 Live video: Near Vision in the Young Adult
4/25/2017 The New York Times: Valle de Guadalupe, a Mexican Wine Paradise
4/20/2017 True story: "I was blinded by my contact lens"
4/7/2017 Live Surgery: Refractive Lens Exchange assisted with LDV Z8
4/3/2017 Cura Caos: The podcast that shines light on the inspiring work of San Diego + Baja's local luminaries
3/28/2017 Ophthalmologists conclude their Subspecialty Fellowships in Cornea, Anterior Segment and Retina at CODET Vision Institute
3/25/2017 Glaucoma Updates in Baja California
3/21/2017 Avedro KXL: The most advanced tecnology for Crosslinking Surgery
3/2/2017 Live Video: Laser Cataract Surgery assisted with Femto LDV Z8 with Multifocal Intraocular Lens
3/1/2017 Video: Talking about Glaucoma to prevent blindness with Dr. Gabriela Avila
2/24/2017 CODET participated in Oculeve's clinical research: A device that produces tears in patients with dry eye disease
2/15/2017 CODET doctors attended COBC's session "Updates in the management of ocular surface disorders"
2/13/2017 Quality and warmth in our staff's support and service.
2/10/2017 Video: How to prevent Dry Eye?
2/8/2017 Live Video: Cataract Q &A Session with CODET doctors
2/3/2017 Facebook Live: Keratoconus Questions and Answers Session
2/1/2017 Continuous Quality, a value from CODET's success
2/1/2017 New York Magazine: Scope Out Art Along the Border in Tijuana
1/27/2017 Live Surgery: Phakic IOL surgery for high Myopia and Astigmatism
1/4/2017 Tijuana: A place you have to go in 2017, according to the New York Times
12/18/2016 "Raindrop" Near Vision Inlay
12/8/2016 Live Surgery: IntraLASIK assisted with Femto LDV Z8
12/1/2016 CODET Ad at Volaris Magazine
12/1/2016 Facebook Live - Pterygium Q & A Session with CODET Doctors
11/23/2016 CODET announces the creation of the Rehabilitation Clinic for patients who had Radial Keratotomy
11/20/2016 XXVI COBC Cataract and Refractive Surgery Simposium
11/17/2016 Ziemer LDV Z8 Wet Lab at CODET
11/7/2016 Live Surgery: Cornea Transplant
10/21/2016 CODET at American Academy of Ophthalmology 2016 Meeting, Chicago
10/15/2016 Femto LDV Z8: The most advanced and complete femtosecond laser for eye surgery, now at CODET!
10/10/2016 Dr. Arturo Chayet, invited as honorary professor at Wills Eye Hospital, Pennsylvania
10/1/2016 Live Video: Cataract Surgery
9/23/2016 Trifocal Intraocular Lenses: Panoptix and Symfony
9/12/2016 CODET doctors were part of ophthalmology events worldwide
9/9/2016 Celebrities visit CODET!
9/1/2016 Video: Learning more about Near Vision
8/26/2016 Stem Cells Transplantation, now available at CODET
8/17/2016 IntraLASIK Surgery Live
8/1/2016 CODET at Glaucoma International Congress with the best technology and knowledge in the treatment of Glaucoma at international level
6/29/2016 Business Wire: ReVision Optics Receives FDA Approval for the Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay
6/25/2016 Se inauguró la Séptima Bienal Nacional de Artes Visuales Miradas 2016
6/24/2016 American Academy of Ophthalmology Journal: Three-Year Longitudinal Survey Comparing Visual Satisfaction with LASIK and Contact Lenses
5/31/2016 ASCRS 2016, New Orleans
CODET presente en el Congreso de Oftalmología 2016
5/19/2016 Dovepress: Study to evaluate the effect of nasal stimulation on tear production in subjects with dry eye disease
11/26/2015 Entrevista: Problemas de los Ojos Asociados con el Diabetes
11/25/2015 Ophthalmologist describes initial LASIK and later flap-lift enhancement
1/21/2014 Convocatoria Miradas 2014
12/3/2012 Aviso de Privacidad
10/1/2012 San Diego Magazine: Go South For Sun, Surf, and Surgery
7/5/2012 IntraPhaco: Femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery available at CODET.
6/14/2012 The Light Adjustable Lens is available at CODET Vision Institute
11/28/2011 "I was treated at a world class facility."
9/20/2011 Dr. Arturo Chayet at UNESCO
2/24/2011 103-year-old patient received successful cataract surgery
12/3/2010 Live Surgery from CODET
10/18/2010 Frontera - Tijuana Inovadora
10/8/2010 Tijuana Inovadora Forum
9/20/2010 Fox 6 - LASIK at CODET
9/15/2010 Baja Docs - Dr. Chayet
9/10/2010 LA Times - Tijuana is Back!
8/24/2010 Americans' Vision Gets Blurrier
8/10/2010 New Light Adjustable Lens
8/10/2010 More Adjustments with LAL
Established in 1986 · 1st IntraLASIK worldwide in 1995 · 1st Light Adjustable Lens worldwide in 2002
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