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Arturo Chayet, MD, is Awarded as Citizen of the Year in B.C.

From among 150 possible candidates, Dr. Arturo Chayet was one of the chosen ones as Citizen of the Year.

Last January 22nd 2018, the first Award Ceremony for “Citizen of the Year”, organized by Grupo Salinas and presided by State Governor, Francisco Vega, took place. The objective of this event was the recognition to people involved in the improvement and commitment with their community who had also excelled in their area of expertise for the good of their surroundings, their city and Baja California.

From among 150 possible candidates, Dr. Arturo Chayet from CODET Vision Institute was one of the chosen ones as Citizen of the Year, due to his work in the areas of ophthalmology, visual health care, research and development and being one of the most recognized and renowned ophthalmologists worldwide.  Alongside him, the work by interventionist cardiologist, Patricia Aubanel Riedel; international chef, Javier Plascencia; cultural promoter, Francisco Orozco Díaz, and student and bacterial DNA researcher, Jaime Iván Castillo, was also recognized.  

The Governor congratulated the awarded due to the success they’ve had throughout their career, as well as their contributions which will have a legacy in the present and the future. The contribution of the winners contributes to a public policy of helping their fellow humans regardless of who they are, they help in job creation, and improve the economic growth of Baja California.  

The most important thing, according to Senator and President of Consultative Councils of Grupo Salinas, Ninfa Salinas, about the winners is that they are a source of inspiration for future generations due to their leadership and entrepreneurship; an example of what Mexicans can accomplish to help in the growth of a society. 

On behalf of CODET Vision Institute, we send strong and warm congratulations to all of the prize winners of this great honor and, above all, our renowned, Dr. Arturo Chayet, for his knowledge, his career, and for his endless search of giving patients the best, most efficient and most advanced treatments and care that they need.