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Dr. Arturo Chayet Receives Leader 2017 Award

Dr. Arturo Chayet, was one of the 30 Baja Californians that received the "Leaders of Baja California 2017" award.

Leaders of Baja California, annual award that honors the progress and career of the women and men of Baja California carried out this year by the Editorial Board of Revista Campestre, exposes in full view a successful display of the positive influence of life and work with innovation and history.

The 30 Leaders that were recognized at the event that took place on March 7th in Baja California’s Club de Empresario’s New City Tower, are men and women that contributed to create an environment of invention and hope in the state.

In an elegant ceremony and with a great meeting of distinguished people in the social, cultural, and political scene of Baja California, the Leaders of Baja California 2017 received the award from Revista Campestre, a publication that for over 30 years has been a touchstone in the Baja California region and the southern part of California.

For his dedication and career in the ophthalmology specialty, Dr. Arturo Chayet, medical director of CODET Vision Institute, was one of the 30 Baja Californians that received that Wednesday night the “Leaders of Baja California 2017” award.

This distinction is given to individuals within the state that with their work, determination, courage, and creativity extoled this region during 2017.