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Vitrectomy for Floaters Clinic now available at CODET

Watch CODET Vision Institute's video on Vitrectomy for Floaters Clinic to learn how this procedure works for the care and management of floaters.

CODET Vision Institute has developed the first Vitrectomy for Floaters Clinic to provide eye care and treatment for patients with floaters. Discover how the procedure works in the following video.

CODET’s Vitrectomy for Floaters Clinic

CODET Vision Institute’s Vitrectomy for Floaters Clinic is available at our facility in Tijuana, Mexico. The treatment is available to patients over 60 years of age who suffer from ocular floaters. Floaters or dark specks in the vision are clumps of vitreous that are found in the interior of the eye. Floaters are harmless but they can affect a patient’s field of vision.

The team in charge of the Vitrectomy for Floaters Clinic, Dr. Sergio Groman, the Retina Service Director, and Dr. Arturo Chayet, Medical Director at CODET Vision Institute, have created a video to share with us how the Vitrectomy for Floaters procedure combined with Cataract Surgery is a safe, effective, and minimally-invasive procedure to eliminate Floaters.

Learn more about Vitrectomy for Floaters combined with Cataract Surgery in the following video: