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Conversations with our Doctors

Eye Complications Associated With Diabetes

Learn more about the eye complications associated with diabetes in this video from Dr. Gabriela Avila of CODET Vision Institute.

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Discussing Radial Keratotomy Rehabilitation

At CODET Vision Institute, we have developed several advanced techniques to improve vision in patients who underwent Radial Keratotomy (RK).

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Near-Work Induced Transient Myopia

Dr. Arturo Chayet shares information about the damaging effects of the excessive use of electronics and recommends the 20-20-20 Rule.

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How Lockdowns Changed Children’s Eyes

Dr. Adriana Valdes took a moment to tell us about the consequences that the increased use of electronics has on […]

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Eye Tearing: Common Causes and Treatment

A discussion with CODET Vision specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Oculofacial Surgery, Dr. Martín Guzmán.

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