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The COBC Holds a Talk on Diabetic Macular Edema at CODET

The COBC held a talk on the care and treatment of DME at CODET Vision Institute, by Dr. Juan Manuel Jiménez Sierra, Retina and Vitreous Specialist.

On November 5, the Colegio de Oftalmología de Baja California (COBC) held a talk at CODET Vision Institute entitled “Care and treatment of DME and DMREh”, presented by Dr. Juan Manuel Jiménez Sierra, Specialist in Retina and Vitreous.

The topic was Diabetic Macular Edema (DME), an ocular condition that represents the main cause of vision loss in patients with diabetes. DME is a condition that is hard to diagnose and treat, as it is influenced by multiple variables, and in most cases, the condition requires individualized care and treatment, according to the patient’s needs.

For this reason, Dr. Juan Manuel Jiménez Sierra arranged and coordinated the participation of several experts on the subject, all members of the Mexican Association of Retina, who have worked together to develop the First National Consensus on Diabetic Macular Edema.

The National Consensus on Diabetic Macular Edema’s main goal is to treat different aspects of the diagnosis and management of Diabetic Macular Edema. During the event, Dr. Juan Manuel Jiménez Sierra shared the diagnostic criteria and presented the treatment algorithms for general ophthalmologists and retinal specialists.

Dr. Irma Zamudio, an Ophthalmologist at CODET and member of the Colegio de Oftamología de Baja California, was a key leader in the organization of the event. It was an honor to receive Dr. Juan Manuel Jiménez Sierra and receive vital information on vision care for patients with diabetic eye diseases.