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Debunking false beliefs about the eyes! 

How reliable are popular beliefs about eye care? It's easy to be influenced by ingrained myths that can impact our perception of ocular health

How reliable are popular beliefs about eye care? It’s easy to be influenced by ingrained myths that can impact our perception of ocular health. In this article, we debunk the most well-known myths about eyes. 

1. Crossing your eyes will leave them that way 

 This is a myth passed down through generations, but it lacks scientific basis. Making cross-eyed gestures doesn’t permanently affect the position of the eyes. 

2. Using lemon drops helps prevent infections 

 Lemon drops may contain citric acid, which can irritate the eyes and worsen existing infections. It’s important to use ophthalmic solutions specifically designed for eye cleaning and care. 

3. LASIK surgery only lasts 10 years 

 This myth has been debunked by advances in laser technology. Modern lasers used in LASIK surgeries are highly precise and stable, significantly reducing the likelihood of laser effect regression. Most patients experience long-lasting results without the need for touch-ups. 

4. There are drops that remove pterygium and cataracts 

 There are no drops that can effectively remove pterygium or cataracts. These conditions can only be removed through surgery. 

5. Strabismus in a child over 6 months of age goes away on its own 

 According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), “children do not outgrow crossed eyes. A child whose eyes are misaligned may develop poor vision in one eye because the brain will ‘turn off’ or ignore the image from the misaligned or lazy eye. That’s why children should be examined as soon as possible by an ophthalmologist.” 

We hope this information helps clarify some common myths about eye health and encourages healthy eye care practices. Always remember to consult with a professional eye care provider for accurate information. 

In this video, the doctors from CODET discuss some of the false beliefs about the eyes.

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Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology